The only thing better than chocolate now is chocolate forever. That’s our Ethos.


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People have savored the irreplaceable fruity-meets-earthy flavor of the cacao bean for millennia. But now, due to climate change and disease, the future of chocolate could be more bitter than sweet. Fortunately, we’re optimists. We know GMO farming can protect cacao trees like the ones in the Dominican Republic that made this very bar. So cheer up, chocolate is here to stay.


Cocoa Solid, Cocoa Butter, Beet Sugar

The Hero

Meet the dynamic duo: bright orange and smooth chocolate. One taste can revive anyone’s zest for life. But right now, our sunshine-packed Florida fruits need reviving themselves. Citrus greening disease, or yellow dragon disease, threatens the entire species. Luckily, oranges have a hero in their corner. Thanks to GMOs, farmers could be close to slaying the dragon and saving these citrus staples.


Cocoa Solid, Cocoa Butter, Beet Sugar, Orange Oil Flavoring

The Trendsetter

You’ve never had apples like this: crisp, tangy-sweet, blended with velvety smooth chocolate and fiercely sustainable. And here’s the gamechanger: GMO farming has paved the way to non-browning apples that stay fresh longer and cut food waste. With each American throwing out a pound of food every day, that’s a trend that needs to be set. How you like them apples?


Cocoa Solid, Cocoa Butter, Beet Sugar, Apple Flavoring

The Survivor

The refreshing, subtly sweet taste of a ripe papaya mixed with rich, sultry chocolate can make anyone feel invincible. That’s no coincidence — these fruits are survivors. A virus nearly wiped out Hawaii’s papaya crop in the late 1990s. But GMOs gave them a fresh start, pulling papaya back from the brink. Ahhh, now that’s refreshing.


Cocoa Solid, Cocoa Butter, Beet Sugar, Papaya Flavoring

Sustainability starts at the source

In our case, that’s Hato Mayor Del Rey, a cacao farm on the eastern mountain slopes of the Dominican Republic. Here, we hand-pick perfectly ripe pods, then ferment, dry and grade them ourselves. Only the best are sent to our Gaithersburg, Maryland factory where we roast and refine the cocoa in small batches. Finally, our master chocolatiers combine the cocoa with beet sugar and a few other sustainable ingredients to create our very own out-of-this-world, single-estate chocolates.

May contain traces of: milk, peanuts, soy or tree nuts.

When we launched Ethos Chocolate in February, we hoped a few people would share a few bars and help spread the sweet truth about GMOs. But when orders started flooding in every 36 seconds, we realized we had a chance to do something even more special.

Now, with your help, we’re working to make a greater impact on the family farmers and agricultural communities that inspired Ethos from day one.
Here’s how: Donate a few bucks, and we’ll send you a few bars.
Your gift will support the nonprofit behind Ethos so we can keep making chocolate. A Fresh Look is a family farmer-led nonprofit working to educate people about GMOs so they can make informed food choices. Every dollar you give is invested back into helping us bring Ethos to more people. And our gift to you? Decadently delicious Ethos Chocolate.